Sunday, 2 May 2010


My fourth club trip to the US with the European Coaster Club saw the trip starting in the Carolinas and ending in Toronto. My original plan had a week prior starting in Florida and a week after ending in Boston but with an opportunity to go on another trip I dropped the extensions and chose to do just the club bit instead.

In 2006 my extension after that trip took me from Georgia to New Jersey so there was an overlap with this trip. The good news was that pretty much every park I'd been to before had something new to ride. There had also been a lot of parks change owners since I visited last time so it would be interesting to see how they were now.

The flight was pretty uneventful, in that nothing worked. The automated check-in was a farce which meant we had to use the people who were sat behind the consoles like lemons. The in-flight entertainment didn't work down our side of the plane. Not that it mattered having stayed up for 40 hours prior to the flight I was asleep before the plan had left the runway.

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